RC2 Release

Keeping ourselves on the routine releases. Here is the RC2 version and we are one step closer to final release with more stable version for both Windows and Mac.
Here are the following links that has installation file and the document to verify the installation. 
1) mplusm installation manual 
2) mplusm development manual
3) Windows installer file
4) Mac installer file
Here is the changelog for current version 

Nov 27: Windows Package (v0.0.4)

  • Updated package to reflect SWIG-related updates

Nov 26: Mac OS X Package

  • restructured the SWIG-generated files to be all-in-one for M+M; added new utility service mpmRecordAsJSON; added functionality to allow enabling / disabling the collection of channel metrics

Nov 19: Windows Package (v0.0.3):

  • updated version of the LeapMotion service with a “light” mode that doesn’t send finger/bone level info; just hand/wrist. (in case of network congestion)

(stay with 0.0.2 for now)

Nov 18: Mac OS X Package

  • added SWIG-generated object files and cleaned-up source directories; the standard install no longer includes all the source files, since the developer selection is the complete source tree

Nov 14: Mac OS X Package

  • added external packages needed to build with the developer selection and added the Vicon DataStream Input service manual

Nov 6: Mac OS X Package

  • corrected typos in the copyright section of the manuals

Nov 5: Mac OS X Package

  • updated the manuals included in the installer; corrected the meta-information in the PDF files

In the current version swig bindings are included and the structure is improved in order to facilitate development for your preferred environment/platform. 
Our next release will be called Final on December 25th. Please give us your feedback either by filing bugs on https://github.com/MovementAndMeaning/Core_MPlusM or replying with your issues on gninaem@gmail.com

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