Final Release

Here is our final release just after Christmas. Hope you all had a good one.
This time we have put all the documentation into one folder and we will be providing
you with the zip file as below.
1) mplusm documentation (includes Front end interface, sensors and mplusm manual)
3) Windows installer file
4) Mac installer file
Here is the entire changelog incase you want to trackback.

Release Notes

M+M Installer Package: compiled M+M runtime libraries and headers for Windows and Mac.

2014 Dec 22: General

2014 Dec 17: Windows Package (v0.0.5)

  • added Python and C# binding libs to package
  • added Channel Manager to package (deploys at same place as other executables, in the M+M/bin directory)

2014 Dec 5: Mac OS X Package

  • added support for building Python bindings via SWIG

2014 Dec 2: Mac OS X Package

  • improved the layout of illustrations in the User’s manual

2014 Dec 1: Mac OS X Package

  • added illustrations for the Channel Manager utility to the User’s manual

2014 Nov 27: Windows Package (v0.0.4)

  • Updated package to reflect SWIG-related updates

2014 Nov 26: Mac OS X Package

  • restructured the SWIG-generated files to be all-in-one for M+M; added new utility service phentermine mpmRecordAsJSON; added functionality to allow enabling / disabling the collection of channel metrics

2014 Nov 18: Mac OS X Package

  • added SWIG-generated object files and cleaned-up source directories; the standard install no longer includes all the source files, since the developer selection is the complete source tree

2014 Nov 14: Mac OS X Package

  • added external packages needed to build with the developer selection and added the Vicon DataStream Input service manual

2014 Nov 6: Mac OS X Package

  • corrected typos in the copyright section of the manuals

2014 Nov 5: Mac OS X Package

  • updated the manuals included in the installer; corrected the meta-information in the PDF files

2014 Nov 4: Windows Package (v0.0.2)

  • added yarp executables which get deployed in /bin folder

2014 Nov 4: Mac OS X Package

  • added description of the procedure to follow if YARP is already running; standardized the manual formats and uploaded the full manual set

2014 Nov 3: Mac OS X Package

  • corrected the copyright notice; documented the installation and installation test procedures

Oct 31: Mac OS X Package

  • added /etc/paths.d/M+M.path so that PATH environment variable will include our binaries; note that this does not require the end-user to logout – all that is needed is to re-open any terminal sessions

Oct 31: Windows Package (v0.0.1)

  • embedded and execute bonjour SDK installer into package

Oct 30: Windows Package

  • added compiled yarp ace .libs and .dll’s to package
  • automatic setting/removal of environment variables during install/uninstall
Once again Happy Holidays and this will be our final release for the year. Please give us your feedback either by filing bugs on  or replying with your issues on “