1.6.9 is the most recent release.

The latest version includes two new visualization applications –
1) m+mLeapDisplayOutputService, which works with the m+mLeapFingerTipsInputService (also new) to display 3D polyhedra at positions corresponding to the finger tips and palms of two hands
2) m+mPlatonicDisplayOutputService, which works with the m+mRandomBurstInputService to display a cloud of platonic solidsThe new applications use OpenGL and respond to ‘zoom’ and ‘rotate’ operations.

The 3D objects that are used in the applications are three platonic solids – the tetrahedron, the octahedron and the cube – and the surfaces of the objects have both colour gradients and the ‘m+m’ text logo.

The repositories (Core_MPlusM, Utilities_mm_manage, Utilities_ServiceViewer and yarp_MPlusM) have been tagged at ‘Version_1.6.9’, so it will be possible to return to this version at any time in the future. Note that the Utilities_ServiceViewer code, which integrated a (very) early version of m+m manager with openFrameworks, no longer builds due to incompatibilities with current versions of openFrameworks.

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