thecla Thecla Schiphorst
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor,  Associate Director SIAT, SFU, PhD Computing, Certified Movement Analyst (CMA)
 steve Steve DiPaola
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor SIAT, PhD CS-Cognitive Science (Director of Cognitive Science) SFU
 philippe Philippe Pasquier

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor SIAT, SFU, PhD Computing Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
 ulysses Ulysses Bernardet

Lead Architect

Post Doctoral Fellow SFU, PhD Psychology, Director Mixed-Reality lab of the SPECS (2006-2011); Design, management, and implementation of 10 complex real-time interactive systems, plus 15 years of programming experience in various languages and platforms.
 dhruv Dhruv Adhia

Lead Developer

CTO of H+Technologies, MSc in Engineering + Computing Science, Over 5 years Industry experience in HCI and Digital Media industry. Current research in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI), gesture control & digital holography and collaborates with several Universities/MNC’s to come up with new cost effective interfaces/networking solutions.
 nasim Nasim Jahangiri
Project Manager | SFU
B.A. in Interactive Arts and Technology. Industry experience in project management. Management and support of research goals, grant writing and advisory board mediation, strategic planning, technical consultation, and problem solving. She operates as a liaison between collaborators to monitor the attainment of project goals.
 yamin Yamin Li

Project Manager | H+

Master of Digital Media, Creative Director for Hexrt Studio. Yamin has project management experience with H+Technologies including user experience and usability testing.
 johnty Johnty Wang

Senior Developer

MA.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has a diverse range of experience in hardware and software systems developing embedded, mobile and desktop applications for works ranging from interactive installations to live musical performances. His work has appeared in festivals, conferences and competitions internationally
 norman Norman Jaffe

Senior Developer

B.Sc Computer Science and Mathematics, 30+ years of experience in software engineering. His focus has been on designing and developing communication hardware and software, in particular with networking, unusual hardware or constrained systems.
 michael Michael Nixon
Web Developer + Database Developer
Michael Nixon is a PhD Candidate at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University. He has extensive industry experience in web and database development. His research focuses on believable3d  characters and agents through the use of cognitive models and non-verbal behavior within social contexts.
 dave Dave Barnes

Network Administrator

Dave Barnes is a Network Administrator with 15 years experience in both Network Administration and Software Development. He has provided technical expertise in both private and public sector companies throughout BC and  Canada.
 jordon Jordon Philipps

Developer/Computer Graphics

Computing science undergraduate at Simon Fraser University and experienced mobile developer. He has participated in several research projects involving parallel processing, computer hardware design and computer animation.
 ramy Ramy Gorgis
Web Designer
Ramy has a background in Design, Engineering and Computing. He has over five years of working experience in web and interactive product design for dynamic web sites.
 omid Omid Alemi


Omid Alemi is a PhD student at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology. His research explores computational models of human movement and his research focus includes multiagent systems and machine learning.